(adultes et enfants à partir de 8 ans)
Depuis 10 ans, Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) est devenu une fédèration internationale à but non-lucratif. Les animatrices professionnelles créent de grands stages intensifs, et proposent des programmes d'encadrement musical qui encourage lʼaffirmation des femmes et des
jeunes femmes. 43 associations sont déjà en activité,  reparties entre
l’Amérique du Nord et du Sud ainsi qu’en Europe. 

Depuis 2011 Paris Girls Rock est la première formation du genre en France.
C’est aussi la première présentation bilingue du GRCA. 

Nous proposons une formation musicale pratique. 

Paris Girls Rock! Camp is a non-profit week-long, bi-lingual music education program for girls and women. We are located in the suburb of Seine St. Denis in Paris, France and provide programming for all the metropolitan area of Paris. Our 'campers' learn to play instruments, form bands, and play in
a professional Concert in front of a live audience. All in only one week!  The program allows the participants to gain an experience of musical empowerment, positive self-confidence, while having
fun activities in a bi-lingual and creative environment with girls and women of
all cultural and economic backgrounds.

We are part of a larger mission: For over a decade the concept of the Girls
Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) has spread its message as an non-profit
international federation. Programming directors, many of them professional musicians, gather together annually and workshop their mentoring programs for women and girls
given year-round. Represented are 43 active organizations, distributed between North
and South America, and Europe. Since 2011 Paris Girls Rock is the first of its kind in France. We are also the first bilingual presentation of GRCA. We offer practical musical training with
extraordinary results that cross all barriers of language, culture, and
economic status.


9 juillet 2013 - Paris Girls Rock 93 Agenda

5 juillet 2013:: FB page Mairie St. Denis

announce:: 24 mai - MAY 2013 
Presentations of the Paris Girls Rock 
and Les Femmes Rock Programs at Le 6b

fenêtre sur #7 :
This will be a private demonstration of talents for the artists in residence of Le 6b.
Featuring the work methods of musicians Mike Ladd and Toli Nameless, sound engineer Alain Parmentier, and actress Clyde Chabot All Ages

14 mai - MAY 2013
article by Bianca Valentino 

Musician & Paris Girls Rock Camp Founder Toli Nameless: “Be organized, on time, stay focused, pay what you owe, be honest…” 

I first came to Toli Nameless’ music via a recommendation from my friend Annabell (the awesome lady behind Rocketoire Radio). Toli is an inspiration, constantly creating and performing as a vocalist, percussionist, band leader, actress, and dancer. Her music – which she defines simply as “good music” – is uplifting and exudes such a joyful spirit that you can’t help but smile when listening. She’s shared the stage with greats, the Sun Ra Arkestra, Toots and The Maytals and worked with folks like Sly and Robbie. Toli also works with various woman’s groups, and non-profit organizations that promote women and girls making positive vibes in the music industry—she’s the driving force behind Paris Girls Rock Camp.

You were in Paris last summer; tell us about what you’ve been doing there.
TOLI NAMELESS: In addition to a well-received music career in the EU, I have founded the Paris chapter of Girls Rock Camp. It’s an international organization of music programs and creativity workshops for girls and women with 60 locations world-wide.

What are your favourite things about Paris?
TN: The people, the architecture and the centralization of arts appreciation in their culture.

What’s been the most rewarding thing that’s come about from your involvement with PGRC?
TN: Watching the girls (and women) flourish in such a short amount of time. There is no other experience like it, and to be a witness of this growth and transformation; is the ultimate reward.

I’ve read that you will play any time, any place, anywhere; what’s been a) the most unique show you’ve played, and b) your most memorable show?
TN: It’s a tie between the shows with the Arkestra and Small Boat Cruiz (that turned every 20 mins). [My] most memorable show: Willie Mae Rock Camp lunch time concert.

You have played and worked with so many amazing musicians, including Sun Ra Arkestra and Toots and The Maytals; what was it like to play/work with such legendary artists?
TN: Some lessons can only be passed through on the job training. I believe that these amazing experiences are what contribute to my ease and comfort level on stage. Once you’ve spent time with a level calibre of musician on stage in front of an audience, everything else seems very easy. There are some many gracious musicians that have opened their stages and imparted their knowledge to me.

You were named by your godfather, reggae soul super star, Keith Rowe; is there any advice Keith has given you about music or creativity that you could please share with us?
TN: Be organized, on time, stay focused, pay what you owe, be honest, and love every moment of what you do when you are doing it. Please note that I am still working on SEVERAL of these lessons.

I know that you decided to make music your main career and attend the world renown, New School Jazz Conservatory, in New York City; when did you decide that you wanted to do music as a career? What was the catalyst?
TN: Yes. Attending the New School at that time was a great experience. I decided I want to have a career in music at the age of 14. I went to see Mikey Bassie’s sound check at a club in New York called S.O.B.’s. He was such a phenomenal force both sonically and on stage that he had me hooked.

What inspired you to found your once twelve member all-female ensemble, The Femm Nameless?
TN: Ha! Youthful ignorance and musical/life experiences had up to that point.

I’ve read that The Nameless were to signify every female musician and unsung heroine whose name would be otherwise forgotten; who are some of your music heroines and what is it about them that you love?
TN: Outside of Nina Simone, I actually have more male influences in music. It’s the real life women that I cherish in the music I write. They are my mom, grandmothers, school teachers (too many to name!), co-workers, and historical figures that quickly fade because there are no squares or statues erected in their honour. But women musicians who should be mentioned here would be Melba Liston, Mary Lou Williams, Bonnie Rait, Kathleen Battle, Meshell Ndegeocello, Ella Fitzgerald, Dolly Parton, Fontella Bass, Roberta Flack, Joan Armatrading, Billie Holiday, Sara Vaughn, Jesse Norman, Lolly Beinfield, Tracy Chapman, Bobbi Humphrey, Missy Elliot. Large List and covers many genres please indulge in them all.

announce: 1 mai -  MAY 2013
LES FEMMES ROCK! hit the road 
Marseille, FR this SEPTEMBER!! @ Yes we camp. 
We are very excited to announce that our woman's music program will be hitting the road this FALL. 
For more details, presse and inscriptions please email

New Video Clip Donation by 

28 avril -APRIL 2013

director/réalisateur Nicolas Baillergeau 

see the clip on you tube!!

Our Entry for the Global Good Maker << Hack Your Hood  >> Neighborhood Challenge. 

We will have the results on July 1st ... COURAGE...

Our project:

Paris Girls Rock Camp is a non-profit weeklong, bi-lingual music education program for girls and women. We are located in the suburb of Seine St. Denis in Paris, France and provide programming for the metropolitan area of Paris. Our 'campers' learn to play instruments, form bands, and perform a professional concert in front of a live audience. All in only one week! The program allows the participants to gain the experience of musical empowerment, positive self-confidence, while at the same time having fun with activities in a bi-lingual and creative environment with girls and women of all cultural and economic backgrounds. We are part of a larger mission: For over a decade the concept of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) has spread its message as an non-profit international federation. Represented are 43 active organizations, in North and South America, and Europe. Paris Girls Rock is the first in France, established in 2011. We are also the first bilingual presentation in GRCA.
The community in which the project is based and my own experience as a female musician are the true inspirations for Paris Girls Rock. Our community of St. Denis is located in one of the most culturally diverse and notorious areas in France. Only 5 miles from the Eiffel Tower yet people have not always had the best impression of St. Denis. But there is so much more ... We have over 23 nationalities represented. people from francophone nations like the French Caribbean, Senegal, Mali, Tunisia, Morocco and other nations like Russia, Bangladesh, and Romania. We also have artists, galleries, cultural centers, universities, the Basilica catacombs of French Royalty, one the largest open markets in Paris, and sit on the banks the river Seine. My name is Toli Nameless, I am the President and Founder of Paris Girls Rock. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY to Jamaican parents and studied French in high school. I am a musician that belongs to a collective of artists in St. Denis called Le 6b.

REPLICATION: Paris Girls Rock Camp is the first of it kind offered in a bi-lingual French-English setting. Given the broad reach of under-serviced communities and the broad reach of the Francophone culture, plus the positive feedback of our diverse. 1) Proven Track Record- The Girls Rock Camp model has had a 10 year history of success on an international level with 43 active member camps; Paris Girls Rock is now enters it’s third season continuing it’s positive impact to an already diverse community. 2) The hard work has been done - Our administrative documents have already been translated both linguistically and culturally making it easier for the program to be replicated locally. 3) Bilingual Template – Our project can serve as a general template for progressive bi-lingual education and its methods can help other programs find their own way to expand their reach in the communities they wish to serve.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: We build confidence among the girls and women that participate; facilitate more HARMONY among all the different cultures that live in our community. Since our start in 2011, we have serviced a regional cross cultural community of girls and women with 90 hours of sponsored programming with regional and international professionals at little to no cost to our participants. Our sponsors, mentors, and volunteers support us from near and far places such as: Brazil, New York, Northern Ireland, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Oslo and Texas. Our girls and women of the program know these facts and it instills a confidence never before felt in St. Denis. This level of participation proves to the community that people are willing to come here and give of themselves, thereby the community feels worthy and motivated.

INNOVATION: Paris Girls Rock Camp holds strength in its innovative and holistic approach to learning in three major ways: 1) Bilingual setting - We use music as our language of communication, making the program accessible to all no matter their level in language or musical ability. 2) Length of program - The duration of the camp is one week keeping the participants focused. The experience is goal oriented and with the goal achieved fosters great interest in the participant to return. 3) Art as expression, Music as empowerment - We provide creative activities with art and music. We also provide an open forum for discussion where the women and girls are free to voice and exchange ideas.

SOLUTIONS: We use art and music to redefine the linguistic and social barriers that may hinder girls and women to advance themselves. This helps with the many challenges of communication and expression to living a diverse place such as St. Denis, Paris. Paris Girls Rock and our programming partner GRCA believe that we truly provide our participants with a platform to be heard. Our girls and women find their voices and use it well. If we can re-balance the opportunities of education and expression for women and girls, we will, indeed re-balance the world.

 announce: 20 avril - April 2013


Nous avons un nouveau bureau à notre lieu d'origine, Le 6B.
Mais nous avons besoin l'aide d'organization, peinture, tapis, le ménage et plus. c'est une soirée de travailler, et un petite fête pour notre benevoles.

MAIS nous avons besoin de vous! WE NEED YOU!

Soyons prêts pour Paris Girls Rock Camp! 3éme édition et Les Femmes Rock! 2éme édition cet été.
LET'S GET READY FOR PARIS GIRLS ROCK CAMP! & LES FEMMES ROCK SUMMER MUSIC CAMPS! Please bring any office materials you would like to donate and we will have food and some drinks! We need bookshelves, folders, printing paper, labels, whiteboard, computer speakers, wood, brushes, buckets, brooms, vacuum cleaner.
s'il vous plaît apporter tout le matériel de bureau que vous souhaitez faire un don et nous avons la nourriture et des boissons! Nous avons besoin d'étagères, classeurs, papier d'impression, les étiquettes, tableau blanc, haut-parleurs d'ordinateur, bois, brosses, seaux, balais, produits de nettoyage, aspirateur et plus.
Please bring any office materials you would like to donate and we will have food and some drinks! We need bookshelves, folders, printing paper, labels, whiteboard, computer speakers, wood, brushes, buckets, brooms, vacuum cleaner and anything else you'd like to donate!

please contact us if you would like to donate or work that day!
20 mars - MARCH 2013 
Donated Video Clip by

director/réalisatrice Joanne Burke

We will be launching our crowd funding campaign with the FRENCH platform 
KISS KISS BANK BANK in early June for our summer season. Please stay tuned for more details. 
Thank you to Joanne Burke and David Burke for all the effort and support of this film.

10 mars - MARCH 2013
Christina BULAONG hosts Radio interview
900 Seconds 4th Session
Toli Nameless, from Paris, France-"Punk Funk meets Afro Beat"
Born in Flatbush, Brooklyn to Jamaican parents, music is a matter of breathing in and out. Toli Almasi was named by her godfather, reggae soul super star, Keith Rowe (Stop that Train). Through out her high school years, she created her own niche in acting and musical theatre. After a quick dabble in operatic arts and singing at Carnegie Hall, she then headed for the very rural hills of Vermont. There she performing with the likes of Lester Bowie, Fontella Bass, The Mad Professor, 

Toots and The Maytals, Marshal Allen and the Sun Ra Arkestra.
Toli then decided to make music her main career by attending the world renown New School Jazz Conservatory in New York City. It was there that she would assume the stage name Toli Nameless after founding her once twelve member all-female ensemble, The Femme Nameless. The Nameless were to signify every female musician and unsung heroine whose name would be other wise forgotten.

7 mars- MARCH 2013
msn money
'' 10 summer camps WORTH the money "

By Jennifer Alsever, SwitchYard MediaAs the long school vacation approaches, parents face a wide array of choices. Here are some reasonably priced options where children can not only stay busy but also pursue their passions and develop new ones.

Girls Rock Camp
Who would think that you could go to a camp to learn how to play in a rock band? But that's the bent at Girls Rock Camp, a rock 'n' roll camp tailored for girls ages 8 to 18. Designed to build self-esteem by allowing girls to create and perform music, the camp also teaches the history of female rock and offers technical training, leadership skills and help with cultural identity.

The camp started 13 years ago in Portland, Ore., and has since expanded to local camps in Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Montreal, North Carolina, Ohio, Seattle, Vermont, Vancouver and Washington, D.C.

4 mars - MARCH 2013
Great write up from Kathleen Hanna of the band <<Bikini Kill>> for
Girls Rock Camp Alliance GRCA fédération internationale

I’m guessing you’ve heard of Girl’s Rock Camps, and how they’ve sprung up everywhere? Well, finally they’re all connected and have non-profit status so they can accept tax deductible donations. I met my band mate Sara Landeau when we were both volunteering at The Willie Mae Rock Camp in Brooklyn, so my life was definitely changed by their good work. But the camps aren’t just a cool place for grown ups to meet (though I’m sure that happens a lot and is a huge community builder amongst us “older” musicians too) more importantly, it’s a place for girl’s to be given permission to be their glorious, goofy, charming, perfect selves.

But of course this is really all about me!!! When I was 9 years old, my best friend and I (her name was Maureen Gaines) saw a poster at our elementary school that the music teacher was going to be giving free acoustic guitar lessons after school. We were so excited we almost peed our pants. We borrowed a huge acoustic guitar that was almost as big as we were and helped each other carry it into the first class. We sat in the front row and stared intently at Mrs. Matthew’s hands as she played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over and over. Maureen and I awkwardly passed the guitar back and forth to each other. We were the only girls in the class.

Everyday that week we met at Maureen’s house to practice. Mrs. Matthew had given everyone a cassette tape so we could follow along with her playing the song correctly. We practically broke that tape. Play. Rewind. Play. Rewind. Play. Rewind.
The next class we sat in the front of the room again and turned around as each of the boys played Twinkle Twinkle perfectly and with gusto on what seemed like their own guitars. When it was Maureen’s turn she faced front and the boys began to snicker behind her. I could feel her getting nervous as her finger struggled to find the first note. “But we’ve practiced this a million times” I thought, “we were laughing and joking about how we were so good we were going to make all the boys feel stupid.” (They teased us the first class too.) And then she started. Each missed note or hesitation was followed by what sounded like a hundred tiny warlocks laughing. The boys’ laughter seemed to run laps around itself till we were in an echo chamber of shame.

By the time Maureen handed me the guitar my knees were knocking. I tried to remember Maureen’s basement, listening to the tape, how hard we’d practiced, but it was all blocked out by the bursts of laughter and muffled jokes about how bad we sucked. Even Mrs. Matthew’s half-ass attempts to get them to “settle down” did nothing. To this day I still feel tears welling up in my eyes when I hear that fucking song. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star……I flubbed the whole thing and Maureen and I left early and embarrassed, never to return.

Whenever I donate my time or my money to Willie Mae Rock Camp, I do it in honor of the lovely and talented Maureen Gaines. No little kid who wants to try something new should ever be made to feel that way. Whether the girls who attend these camps ever become full time musicians or not is beyond the point, the fact that they tried something and were encouraged will hopefully allow them to try all sorts of new things. And I tend to think that a person who tries new things often finds what they truly love to do eventually. And that becomes a reason, to get out of bed,  to not give up, to keep on going when things really suck. It makes you feel valuable and important and worth defending. And to me, that’s why Rock Camps are so much more important than just creating more girl bands. (Though, OMG, that is so important too).

16 mars - MARCH 2013 
feat. Toli Nameless, Paris Girls Rock and Julien Beller president of our partner presenters 6B

Emission autour du 6B, lieu de création et de diffusion pluridisciplinaire, situé au 6 quai de Seine à Saint-Denis, dans un ancien immeuble de bureau de presque 7000 m2, qui fête cette semaine ses 3 ans et qui accompagne la transformation du quartier «gare-confluence» à Saint-Denis.
Au programme : une interview de Julien Beller, architecte et président de l’association du 6B, Alain et Siyoub résidents du 6b, avec nous en studio, des archives sonores, quelques mots sur l’association Under construction, installée au 6e étage, et des reportages.

15 February Presentations 
for AKKS and LOUD CAMP! @ By:Larm music Conference 2013 Oslo, NORWAY
This past winter, Paris Girls Rock along with Ruby Tuesday (Berlin Girls Rock), and Girls Rock Ireland were delighted to be invited to present the our camps to the AKKS organization in Oslo, Noway. They are an up and coming camp who have been working hard to develop and present their new summer GIRLS ROCK program called LOUD CAMP!

Photos of Toli and PGR Presentation taken by Maebh Murphy
footage of Paris Girls Rock Camp 2012  used for presentation donated by Theodora Johnson of BlapBalp Media 

footage of Paris Girls Rock Camp 2012 used for presentation donated by Theodora Johnson of BlapBalp Media 

Photo of Toli Nameless of Paris Girls Rock and Hilde Hammer of AKKS by Henriette Falkum


Representing Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) were 
Toli & Adventures of Femm Nameless (Paris Girls Rock) & El Cassette (München, Girls Rock)
Hands up Boys / Tuff Love / Elcassette / Herrmann Herman / Toli & Adventures of Femm Nameless / MC Xuparina
Auch 2012 wird das Berliner LaD.I.Y.fest vom 16. bis 19. August mit einem abwechlungsreichen Programm aus Workshops, Filmen, Konzerten, Parties, VoKü und Ausstellungen Räume für queer-feministische Expression und Partizipation schaffen.
Heteronormative Rollenklischees werden aufgebrochen, FrauenLesbenTrans*-Identitäten wird Agency verliehen und unkommerzielle Do It Yourself-Aspekte werden betont. Musikalisch warten u. a. Hands Up Boys,  elcassette und Prinssit am 18. August im SO36 mit tanzbarem Aktivismus auf.
Weitere Infos auf
LaD.I.Y.fest Berlin ist ein unkommerzielles, ‘Do it yourself’ (D.I.Y.)-Festival. Es wird von feministischen Frauen/Lesben/Trans* (flt*) Aktivist_innen, Künstler_innen und Musiker_innen auf freiwilliger Basis organisiert. Es bietet diversen Feminist_innen, die sich künstlerisch und politisch engagieren, einen Raum im Rahmen von Konzerten, Kunstausstellungen, Filmvorführungen, Diskussionen und Workshops ihre Fähigkeiten und Talente zu zeigen. Es ist ein Mitmach- und ein Gemeinschaftsfestival!
Hands up Boys (Belgien) Tuff Love (UK) Toli & Adventures of Femm Nameless (USA) Elcassette (DE)
Herrmann Herman (DE) MC Xuparina (DE) Morella (DE) DyCe (IL) 

SESSION 1 LES FEMMES ROCK!: ARTIST OF THE DAY 1_ 07/19/2012 from Les Femmes Rock on Vimeo.

SESSION 1 LES FEMMES ROCK!: ARTIST OF THE DAY 2_ Christine Salem_07/20/2012 from Les Femmes Rock on Vimeo.

SESSION 1 LES FEMMES ROCK!: ClIP OF THE DAY 4_ 07/22/2012 from Les Femmes Rock on Vimeo.
 Les Femmes Rock 

SESSION 1 LES FEMMES ROCK!: CLIP OF THE DAY 1_ 07/19/2012 from Les Femmes Rock on Vimeo.

4 janvier - JANUARY 2012   

*ReW & WhO?* w/ ToLi NaMeLeSS

hostess, ReW StaRR, is an artist w/ a *ReW & WhO?* is the quirky, kooL weekly internet show featuring rizing *starz* & living legendz...  aRe yoU on the sHow? passion & a plan to get everyone WaRHoL'z promised 15 minutes of fame-- inTerviewz w/ LiVe performances, & fun fun fun... alwayz informative & alwayzzzz surprizes... join the audience...or be a gueSt! ;) *Rew & WhO?* is taped LIVE every WedNesday in NYC (Ottos ShRunKen Head TiKi Bar) & one fridaY a month in BK (bRanDed SaLooN) from 4-6pm. With LOTS of special events broadcasted worldwide.

2011 stage de Slam! 


2011 stage voix avec Klaus Blasquiz (Magma)

2011 Camper discovers drums!!

2011:: le chanson ''St. Denis, c'est ma vie"